My name is Lawrence Moffat BSc (Hons), welcome to my portfolio. I am a passionate freelance sound designer and editor.
I exercise my creativity by applying various methods of experimentation to numerous sound design projects and music. I continuously seek to explore innovative techniques that will aid in making sound the pioneer in video and animation.
My experience in sound has allowed me to work closely to clients specified requirements. I have also worked on various projects varying from game audio, multi track mixing and media applications.

I go under the composing name 'Cloud Stalkin' to produce music for all types of Genres, I have a passion for game and film scores. 


Current status

Podcast mini series - ''Insert Coin & Press Start'' Written by Lawrence Moffat

Current status  - On going...

Freenlance - Sound designer / Audio editor  

Co Host and producer of 'Sceneskips' podcast

Edinburgh Napier University  2015-2017 (2:1)


Sound design

Sound production

Responsive environments 

Digital storytelling

Creative computing

Cyber technology event 2017

Audio / Video installation


First client work 2015

Commercial cook book

Pro tools certified 2015


Pro tools 101 I (2015)

Pro tools 110 II (2015)

Forth valley college  2013-2015 (A)


Sound production

Sound Design

Sound Theory


Live sound reinforcement

Multi track mixing